Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Julie is coming home!

My dear Julie is coming home after 5 "long" years in Utah. What makes it even better is... she is bringing with her; my son-in-law, Shaun and their 4 month old daughter, Paige! Needless to say we are all on cloud nine these days. I can't wait to take pictures this weekend to post.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

YOU ASK: Where did you go? What have you been doing?

It has been a very long time since I have posted on my blog. No excuses and no reason, just that four letter word, LIFE.

So many things get in the way of writing. Here are a few:
  • August 2009, found out Julie and Shaun were expecting a baby!!!
  • September 3, 2009; joined Weight Watchers. I was so tired of being tired. I knew most of my symptoms were from being obese. Yes, I said it, OBESE. So I took the plunge and joined WW. It was the best plan for ME!
  • October 2009; started walking to enhance my weight loss plan. I have several co-workers who are WWs, so we walk during break time. It is so great to have their support. Mark is a great support too, he gets his recipes from the Weight Watcher Website and tries something new a couple of times a week.
  • November 19, 2009; I have lost 10% of my weight. It's not the BIGGEST LOSER percentages, but it is all good! For Thanksgiving weekend we went to Long Beach, WA. I love the ocean. Mark, Leanne, Allan and I walked from Long Beach to Ilwaco. (Some guy told us it was 3 miles, it was 7 miles - along the beach). I am still amazed that we did that!!!
  • December 2009; James, Davi and Carly came home for Christmas! I can be somewhat of a "Scrooge" at Christmas, really! But having most of my children home made it so much fun!!! Hopefully 2010 will be the year that all my children will be home!
  • January 1, 2010; DOWN 35 lbs.!!! What a way to ring in a "NEW ME", I mean "NEW YEAR".
  • February 2010; more baby news. Davi and Carly are having a BABY. Julie and Shaun are two months away from delivery day! Mark and I are so excited to become a grandparents! February 12th Mark and I celebrated 28 years of married bliss! Mark, Dana, Kaitlin, Nanny, Papa and I went to LaPush for Presidents Weekend. We had a great time and yes, we did the Twilight Tour!!!
  • March 22, 2010; celebrated my 49th birthday! DOWN 53 lbs. What a great present to myself!!!
  • April 8, 2010; Paige Christina Henderson was born!
Welcome Little One!!!

This is my first time holding Paige (two days old)!

I was so fortunate to take a week off from work and go to Utah when Paige was born. Carly flew up to Washington on March 27th to spend Spring Break with Mark, Dana and Kaitlin. We hung out just waiting for Paige's arrival. When Julie called April 8th to tell us she was in labor, Carly and I set the wheels in motion to leave for Utah on April 9th. We were sure Julie would not deliver Paige until April 9th. But much to our surprise, Paige was born the evening of April 8th.

April 9th was spent on the road to Utah. Carly and baby (in her tummy) slept most of the way, but it was great to have her along to keep me awake and drive when I got sleepy. Thank you Davi for spending two weeks without your wifey.

Saturday, April 10th I woke up early and didn't want to wake Davi and Carly, even though I was chomping at the bit to go meet Paige. So I took an early morning walk up the hill, passed the Provo Temple and along the side of the "Y" Mountain down the hill to the 9th Street Creamery, up 900 East and back to Wymount Terrace (Carly and Davi's home for the past 18 months).
It was a beautiful sunny morning and the view was incredible. I enjoyed it so much, it became my daily routine until I left Utah on April 17th. Spending time with my girls and sons-in-law was so much fun! We (Shaun, Davi, Carly, Kelsi, Anne and Me) took care of Miss Paige and Julie, went on a couple of outings and had a real good time. I cried when I left, I am so sad to not be a part of Paige's day. I hope she doesn't forget who her Grammy is. I LOVE HER SO!!!

Paige 4-17-2010

Paige 4-22-2010 (Thanks Anne for taking this sweet picture!)

A new FAMILY!!!
April 30th we left for Utah to take Grandpa Mark, Auntie Dana and Auntie Kaitlin to meet Paige for the first time. Blessing day was approaching and both sets of GREAT Grandparents went to Utah too. Here are some Pictures:

Julie and Paige May 1, 2010
Opening a present from Aunt Lisa, best bibs and burp clothes ever made.
Thanks Aunt Lisa!!!
(See Carly's baby bump, just a tiny one)
Four Generations; Julie, Grammy Sue, Great Grandma Ann and Paige!
Blessing Day!!!
May 2, 2010
Great Grandma Ann, Julie and Paige
(Background: Uncle Ted Sir and family)
Some of the family waiting for the blessing.
Left to Right: Kaitlin, Davi, Roy, Gerry, Dana, Sue and Mark.
Four Generations; Grandpa Mark J., Great Grandma Gerry, Julie and Paige.
Four Generations; Grandpa Mark J., Great Grandpa Roy, Julie and Paige!
Here is another Four Generations!
Grandpa Mark J., Great Grandpa Gary, Great Grandma Ann, Grammy Sue, Julie and Paige.
Four Generations; Grandpa Mark H., Great Grandma Sharon Henderson, Grandma Anne, Shaun, Julie and Paige!!!
Grandpa Mark, Grandma Anne, Shaun, Julie and Paige.
Blessing Day - Family Picture!
Shaun, Julie and Paige

  • May 7, 2010; WELCOME HOME ELDER ALEX JOHNSON!!! May brought another milestone in the Johnson home. Our son, Alex came home from his mission in Portugal. Here are a few Pics:
Patiently waiting for Alex to arrive!
Dana and Kait are wearing I *Heart* Alex T-shirts.
Hannah, Grandma Ann, and new cousin Emily!
Uncle Tom, holding new cousin Michael.
(Background; James, Mark and Danny)

I couldn't help myself, I was the first to give Alex a hug and a candy lei!

Greeting Grandma Ann!
(Background, cousin Danny, Alex's mini-me)

We were all so happy to have Alex home!!!

  • June 2010; Davi Graduated from BYU and brought Carly home to Washington!!! Congratulations Davi! WELCOME HOME Davi and Carly!!!
(Picture Soon)
  • July 2010; Weight loss update: 60 lbs down. TO BE CONTINUED...