Sunday, October 26, 2008


October 25th
One of my favorites days of the year.
Not because it's two months until Christmas.
NO, NO. Because it is Mark's birthday.

James gave us the cooks tour of Seattle.
Our first stop was Volunteer Park.
It has the coolest water tower that you
can climb to the top.

The kids found this cool sculpture that
looked like a "Do-nut". My monkeys sure
had fun climbing on it.

Next to Volunteer Park is the Cemetery where Bruce Lee and his son, Brandon Lee are laid to rest.

We went to lunch at "Dick's Burgers". They have the best milkshakes, homemade fries and hamburgers. After lunch James took us to the Fremont District. Under I-5 lives a "troll".

(We left the camera in the car)
Kaitlin and James had a great time climbing all over the troll.

In Fremont we found this cool sculpture of JP Patches.
JP was a clown who had a morning and afternoon cartoon program.
It was Mark's favorite show.

Later we took Mark to Fuji Japanese Steakhouse.
I regretfully didn't take any pictures.
Mark had a great birthday!
We love him!